5 Ways to Move Through Grief and Step into The Rest of Your Life

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Grief is simply part of life. Everyone grieves at some point in their life. We all grieve on our own terms. There are no rules or time restrictions. A loss is a loss. Be it from the death of a loved one, a pet, a marriage, a job, or anything you feel deeply.


Grieving is a natural and necessary part of the loss. If you don’t grieve, you can’t move on. Whether the loss was sudden and unexpected, or a long time coming, it still hurts.


5 Ways to Cope With Grief

5 Ways to move through Grief

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Each situation and individual is unique.


Acknowledge Your Loss and Your Grief


Denial is the first stage of grieving. We all want to disbelieve what has happened. Allow yourself to let the pain in. The first step to moving through grief is to acknowledge you have something to grieve, at all.


Cry, scream, swear, get angry, be sad, let the grief wash over you. You are allowed to feel these emotions, regardless of how hard they will be. If you try to fight against the grief, it will have physical and emotional side effects.


Share Your Feelings


Let people close to you in on how you feel. If you have lost a family member, mourn with them. Share your tears, your happy memories, and how hard it is that they are gone.


They will be feeling similar feelings. You can help get each other through these hard times by sharing your grief. People may grieve differently, but mourning the same thing together will be tremendously helpful.


It’s important to not feel like you are alone in your grief. Reach out to friends or family you can trust and who will let you have your grief without judgment. Talk to someone who lets you feel what you need to.


Seek Professional Help When You Are Experiencing Grief

Grief Therapist

If you don’t have someone to share your grief with, consider talking to a grief counselor. Perhaps a support group will be better suited for you to express your grief.


Some people find it easier to fully express themselves on personal matters with people who don’t know them. Unburdening yourself with people who are going through the same thing will have fewer expectations than those closer to you.


Moving On is Not Forgetting


Trying to get past the depth of your grief helps you get back to life. It doesn’t mean you are forgetting about that person. You can still keep their memory alive. When you are at peace with their passing, you can enjoy happier memories without as much pain.


Our grief can sometimes be a burden, sometimes be a crutch. We often feel without the pain of loss, then the loss is no longer real. Ideally, you want to retain happy memories and enjoy them.


Drop The Guilt 

If only… are the saddest words. Don’t allow yourself to wallow in the guilt. There is nothing you could have done to change the outcome of these events. You visited enough, they know you loved them, you didn’t let anyone down.


If someone else is trying to make you feel guilty, don’t allow it. You get to grieve in your own way. No one can tell you how long it should take, when it should happen, or when it’s enough.


Guilt is a road best not taken. It is difficult not to feel guilt, but it will wear you down. A big part of moving on is not being burdened with ‘what if’. Know you did the best you could and that will simply have to be enough.


We can never turn back to change things, so why waste any of your time on it? We all make mistakes, but once they are out there, we have to just let them be. Giving them oxygen will mean they never leave, and that is not healthy.


You Are Not Alone In Your Grief


Your grief will take as much time as it needs. It will come when it is ready and take you on the journey you need. Saying goodbye to our loved ones is never going to be easy. But, it is a necessary step to moving on.

You are probably already experiencing grief if you have a loved one with dementia.

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