7 Best Podcasts for Dementia Caregivers

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Dementia, Family Caregiver

If a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or any other type of Dementia, you might find yourself in the role of their primary caregiver with little to no knowledge or prior experience. Taking care of someone with a regressing memory coupled with all other symptoms like increased agitation and disorientation can pose difficulty for anyone.

Managing your job, household chores, and handling a dementia patient at the same time can take a serious toll on your own mental sanity, and this can adversely affect the treatment and care you relay to your Dementia afflicted friend or family member.

Podcasts Help!

While books and the internet are always a great source of information on taking care of dementia patients, you might not have the time or energy to concentrate. In such an event, podcasts aimed at dementia caregivers are the perfect option as you can listen to them on the go-in the car, at home, or while on the subway—literally anywhere! These podcasts share tips on how to care for dementia patients from other caregivers as well as increase your knowledge about the disease in general.

Amidst caring for dementia patients, we often forget that caregivers also need help and support. For this reason, here are the 7 best podcasts for dementia caregivers to aid them in their journey of caring for a dementia patient.

1.     Love and Care

‘Love and Care’ is a podcast series dedicated to Shaun Deeney’s journey. It is about taking care of his mother who is dealing with Parkinson’s Disease, a form of Dementia. Each 20-minute podcast offers emotional respite and support to dementia caregivers, especially since taking care of a close family member like a parent can take a serious toll on you.

What We Love:

The story is woven in an incredible manner with bits of humor to make the podcast interesting, engaging, and relatable all in one.

Best For:

  • Children caregivers of parents with dementia

2.     Caregiver Dave

Caregiver Dave Nassaney has been in the role of a spousal caregiver for a long time. Therefore, he is able to share his experience with other spousal caregivers. In this podcast, he discusses the feelings of exhaustion that come with taking care of a loved one with Dementia. Along with his co-host, Dave he also interviews and shares the advice of medical experts and other family caregivers.

What We Love:

This podcast is an amalgamation of a Dementia caregiver’s first-hand experience as well as real advice on the disease from experts.

Best For:

  • Spousal caregivers
  • People seeking medical advice on Dementia

3.     Dementia Care Partner Talk Show

The Dementia Care Partner Talk Show addresses all concerns you may have about the intricate web of senior caregiving. Each episode navigates and tackles the challenges of dealing with dementia patients. Challenges like tackling feelings of anger in the role of a caregiver. And especially when you are not a professional.

What We Love:

This podcast series addresses both common and uncommon challenges. Additionally, they offer creative ideas on dealing with dementia patients. And with a bit of humor to make caregivers smile and laugh for some much-needed reprieve.

Best For:

  • Burnout dementia caregivers
  • Dementia caregivers with no experience

4.     Discovering Dementia

The Discovering Dementia podcast bagged the Best Wellbeing Podcast Award in 2021, making it the podcast you must listen to this year! The podcast is recorded by Penny Bell, whose mother was diagnosed with Mixed Dementia, a combination of different types of Dementia. She shares her own experience as well as views of other affected people and professionals.

What We Love:

It’s a go-to source for important information about dementia on the go. It is moving, relatable, and educational, which makes it a must-hear!

Best For:

  • Caregivers looking to expand knowledge on Discovering Dementia

5.     People with Parents

People with Parents is an indispensable podcast by stand-up comedian Leighann Lord. It is highly useful for children caregivers who are still coming to terms with this role reversal. This relatable podcast allows you to understand how to become parents to your parents dealing with dementia.

What We Love:

This podcast adds an acceptable depth of humor and candidness even when tackling a serious subject like caregiving for dementia patients.

Best For:

  • Children caregivers
  • Family members struggling with interchangeable roles

6.     Who Cares Wins

Who Cares Wins is a podcast that shares stories between different caregivers to provide some support for everyone who is taking care of a dementia patient. Kyro Brooks and James Townsend extend the wisdom and help you need to make your caregiving experience easier, or at least more manageable.

What We Love:

It’s a great way for caregivers to understand and relate to what other caregivers feel. Listening to it will help you not feel alone in your situation.

Best For:

  • Dementia Caregivers looking for support

7.     Let’s Talk Dementia

Let’s Talk Dementia is a podcast from Carol Howell, Dementia caregiver for her mother, and best-selling author of the book Let’s Talk Dementia. In each of her snappy podcasts, she talks about a wide range of dementia-related topics that will increase your knowledge.

What We Love:

It’s an interactive kind of podcast where listeners can also submit their dementia caregiving questions to be answered.

Best For:

  • Dementia caregivers seeking answers for their queries

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