8 Nonprofit Organizations That Provide Support to Caregivers

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Caregiver Burnout, Caregiver Stress

As per the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, it was estimated in 2020 that around 53 million people provided unpaid care to adults or children, and that number has only increased. Owing to the global pandemic, an aging population, and more people being diagnosed with disorders and requiring specialized care, the health of caregivers has significantly deteriorated.


Shouldering the responsibility of caring for an elderly person often leads to caregiver stress. They are most often unprepared, under-informed, and overburdened, leaving little room for self-care.


This article provides information on 10 nonprofit organizations that support caregivers caring for an elderly family member.



1. American Association for Retired Persons (AARP)


AARP is a national, nonprofit, and nonpartisan organization focusing on caregivers and their challenges. The AARP Caregiving Resource Center shares information, tools, and resources with family caregivers in multiple languages. As a social advocacy organization, they also have blogs, webinars, and social media updates to engage in dialog with caregivers providing solutions pertaining to various issues by domain experts.

Family caregivers can find and share stories and their journeys and connect with others facing similar challenges when caring for a loved one. AARP offers tools as well as a safe and supportive community online.


2. ElderHelp

This nonprofit is dedicated to helping senior citizens become more independent in their own homes. And they have a repository of information for family caregivers.  Additionally, their care coordination service is a helpful tool for learning how to navigate caregiving. And this is while delegating a portion of the tasks to the elderly family member.


Learning how to teach elderly family members to care for themselves removes a big chunk of the burden from caregivers. And it gives them more time for self-care.


3. National Institute on Aging


This organization focuses on informing caregivers on how to provide care without damaging themselves. Furthermore, they have articles, tips, and fact sheets on long-term care planning. As well as long-distance caregiving. And this makes it possible for caregivers to progress in their lives while caring for an elderly family member.


4. American Association of Caregiving Youth

This is a nonprofit organization that supports caregivers who are young.

The AACY aims to understand and address the issues faced by young children and teenagers that have to provide substantial care to an elderly family member such as a parent or grandparent. They work with schools to help students with their academics while they are juggling the role of caregiver and learners.


They advocate on behalf of young caregivers and provide counseling and support services to empower them and safeguard their well-being.


5. The Caregiver Foundation Is a Nonprofit That Offer Support to Caregivers


This nonprofit provides educational material, money-management guides, and countless other resources to caregivers. And this is to allow them to manage the challenging tasks they face on a daily basis. They provide both practical and emotional support to caregivers, hosting seminars and meetings. And creating a community based on care and compassion.


6. National Alliance for Caregiving 


This is a coalition of multiple national organizations that have come together to empower family caregivers. And to ensure they are able to live fulfilling life at home, school, and work. Forty organizations contribute to research and innovation in different sectors to support caregivers.


They have multiple Guidebooks on navigating caregiving for others.  And a Community Resource center where you can search for relevant resources and information.


7. National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)

NAMI focuses on providing support to caregivers. The focus is on those who are dealing with family members suffering from mental health conditions. Furthermore, they have a peer-led family support group and the leading grassroots mental health organization.

Caring for people takes a toll on the mental health of caregivers. And they require safe spaces to connect and process their emotions. NAMI provides a safe space and resources to cope with the pressures of caring.

8. Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA)

The goal of FCA is to improve the quality of life of caregivers. And they advocate for and support family caregivers via education, services, and research-based initiatives. FCA facilitates caregivers by connecting them to support groups and support programs. And they have a story project detailing the caregiving journey.

They have a dedicated section for caregivers where they can find plenty of resources.  There are tools for self-care and dealing with grief and loss. And even picking up activities that help them cope better with the pressures of caring for another.


Many nonprofit organizations and coalition groups are working on the issues of caregivers that provide care to elderly family members suffering from debilitating mental and physical diseases.  And these organizations aim to advocate for, promote, and facilitate support for caregivers. Many nonprofit organizations that support caregivers also train them to automate specific processes. Or they may teach their family members how to undertake simpler tasks.

Remember, it’s equally important to take care of your own physical and mental well-being. And it’s important to learn how to care for another while ensuring your personal security as well as theirs.

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