Why Sycamore Creek Ranch Memory Care in Spring, Texas

Sycamore Creek Ranch Memory Care in Spring, Texas was designed with your loved one in mind.
Our revolutionary dementia care community was built for quality Alzheimer’s assisted living
specifically, to address the unique needs of Alzheimer’s care, and other age-related dementia care. And that’s just the beginning. Our award winning proactive Alzheimer’s care facility has attracted many industry professional to make Sycamore Creek Ranch
Memory Care their preferred choice for memory care in Spring, Texas.
Below are some key components that put us in a league all our own.


Inside our state-of-the-art community, you’ll find lots of life and laughter – In a home filled atmosphere where residents thrive. We spent years researching and fine tuning our design where every detail matters. We made sure every detail enriched and supported the lives of our residents. Features include large studio floorplans with personal bath, adaptive living resources for safety, multi-sensory environment to ease anxiety and agitation, an abundance of natural and adaptive lighting to reduce sun-downing, indoor and outdoor wayfinding, and even night lights behind the toilets. Details really do matter to us, because we understand the impact of dementia in the lives of our residents and their loved ones.


We focus on living life to the fullest every day, regardless of the care needs of your loved one. We understand there are going to be good days, and there are going to be days filled with challenges when providing for those coping in need of Alzheimer’s assisted living, and assisted living dementia care. Our proactive caring staff receives 5 times more training than the state requires annually. Through this extensive training and our team’s intimate knowledge of each resident, we can anticipate triggers, redirect and soothe. We hire only the top professionals and maintain a high staff-to-resident ratio. Combine that with historic low staff turnover, and you can expect superior care from familiar faces. Every day.


Our delicious savory meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients in our open kitchen that fills the community with the aroma that says- “it’s time to eat.” We serve three delicious well-balanced meals, as well as, snacks throughout the day. Our menu features your loved one’s favorite foods, and family recipes made from scratch. Dining is one of life’s greatest pleasures and should be celebrated with family and friends. So pull up a chair, families are always welcome to dine with their loved ones. That’s why we designed our dining room to be an intimate and warm environment. Even the color of our plates, and texture of our foods increase the likelihood our residents will eat more.


Every resident has a story and brings unique life experiences to Sycamore Creek Ranch Memory Care in Spring, Texas. That’s why no one’s care is the same. Before providing any Alzheimer’s assisted living care, we learn your loved one’s life story so we can build their day around it. We gather information about who your loved is—their family, their accomplishments, their likes and dislikes, employment and volunteer contributions. We then team you up with one of our direct care team members, and together we work Hand-In-Hand© to meet the progressive needs of your loved one—providing family with communication and support about the care of your loved one daily. Our care is designed around the individual needs of each resident -not a one size fits all Alzheimer’s care facility. This kind of person centered care is at the heart of all we do.


Adaptive and assistive technology can never take the place of resident centered, dementia care and Alzheimer’s care, and that is why we are dedicated to maintaining one of the highest staff to resident care ratios not just here in Spring, Texas, but in the industry. However, it does allow our caregivers to provide a person-centered experience that reinforces the self and social narratives important for all. Our dementia care community is equipped with adaptive technology which allows us to track our resident’s movements and activity within their studio, thus reducing the risk of falls. We utilize the therapeutic benefits of a multi-sensorial environment that helps change brain arousal which decreases stress, anxiety, and agitation. Aromatherapy, adaptive and fiber optic lighting, textures, and other brain teasers are used as a first response to behavioral challenges, rather than the typical medicinal approach used in most facilities. Computer technology is used for out of town family members to video chat with their loved one, as well as for family members to share photos and pre-record messages of encouragement.

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