12 Activities to Do With People With Dementia

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Individuals suffering from dementia frequently feel annoyed due to boredom and lack of excitement, which is why it is important to provide people with dementia with engaging and enjoyable activities to help them during this difficult phase. Finding activities to do with people with dementia may feel challenging but the ideas below will help.

They can stay upbeat and avoid depression by engaging in engaging activities, which can reduce anxiety and irritation.

Activities should be able to:

  • Bring back memories and give them a chance to reflect on their life
  • Develop emotional ties with those around you; social interaction is essential.
  • Help develop self-expression
  • Make them experience greater life engagement
  • Assist them in feeling productive

If your loved one suffers from dementia, keep reading to find out about 12 activities you can do with them.

12 Activities to Do with People with Dementia

1.     Talk About Their Past

Dementia patients frequently have longer-lasting long-term memories. Engaging your loved ones in conversations regarding their past experiences can be amazing and fulfilling for both your loved one and you since you will also be able to learn a lot more about them.

2. Physical Exercise and Activity Is a Good Activity for Both The Carer and The Dementia Patient

Physical activity and exercise can be quite beneficial for dementia patients. It can assist in normalizing their sleep and avoiding daytime anxiety and insomnia. Additionally, it can support emotional stability and lessen the likelihood that they will experience depression.

3. Baking and Cooking Is a Fun Activity To Do With People with Dementia

Together, you may prepare easy recipes to get them working on something useful while simultaneously rewarding them with a sweet treat. It’s critical to give them as much freedom as is reasonable and safe. Based on where they are in the process, they might merely observe you while you prepare a meal or they might take charge and ask for assistance with the parts they consider tricky.

4. Indulge Them in Their Favorite Hobbies

Engaging with dementia patients in their favorite pastimes and hobbies can help them feel revitalized and energized. It is always better to ask them what they would prefer doing first so you may also know what they are comfortable with.

5. Animal Therapy Is a Popular Activity to Do With People With Dementia

Animals can act as a great way to make dementia people feel happy as they can help reduce depression and anxiety. This is especially true for patients who love animals. Pets can also provide other benefits like regulating heart rate, lowering blood pressure, boosting levels of the feel-good serotonin hormone, and reducing cortisone, the stress hormone.

6. Spend Some Time in Nature

Exploring wildlife, discovering new things, and getting fresh air can open many different opportunities for activities as well as conversations. This will be particularly beneficial if your loved one enjoys spending time with nature and is fond of gardening.

7. Solve Puzzles With Them

The patient’s cognitive, spatial, and visual abilities are enhanced by puzzle-solving. Additionally, it strengthens their ability to solve problems and stimulates their brains.

Avoid children’s puzzles since they tend to be too simple and focus on immature topics. While doing so, stay away from challenging problems because they will just make the individual feel useless and irritated. Picking a problem to solve is not an easy task.

You will be able to find several puzzles online for patients suffering from dementia, or you could even make them yourself.

8. Watch Movies with Them

Watch comedies, musicals, or sitcoms with your loved one as they will be a good source of entertainment without having to follow a complicated plot. You can also have them rewatch their favorite films and classics so their past memories may be revived. This is an easy activity to do with people with dementia. Don’t forget the popcorn!

9. Arts and Crafts

Indulging in arts and crafts can be an excellent way for dementia patients to express themselves. Even for those who have never been notably artistic or creative, arts & crafts can stimulate a variety of senses, and there are several different options to choose from, including:

  • Coloring
  • Painting
  • Knitting
  • Sculpting

10. Cleaning and Doing Simple Household Chores

Although you can definitely make the bed, sweep, arrange the table, organize a wardrobe, and other such duties far more quickly by yourself, seeking the assistance of the patient you are looking after gives them a feeling of purpose. They felt wanted and appreciated as a result.

11. Music and Singing Is One Of The Best Activities To Do With People With Dementia

The soothing and calming effects of music are greatly advantageous to dementia patients.

Music helps release dopamine, a chemical linked to sensations of pleasure and joy. Studies especially reveal that after over a month of music therapy, dementia patients showed a significant decrease in aggression and stress. This is one of the most rewarding activities to do with people with dementia.

Additional research has shown that listening to music can assist dementia patients in recollecting memories and experiencing brief periods of clarity. People who have always loved music may find that singing seasonal carols or listening to timeless songs brings back positive memories of past times.

12. Reading

Reading is a simple, enjoyable pastime that stimulates the mind and creativity. You can either read the book aloud to your loved ones or have them read it to you. It is preferred to read short stories or nonfiction pieces because they don’t require as much of the reader’s attention. Look for publications or stories related to their background. This is a good activity to do with people with dementia. Remember, however, to keep the reading short and simple.

In Conclusion

Make sure any activities you prepare for your loved one enjoy doing and don’t worry about the outcomes; what’s important is that the dementia patient’s experience with the illness becomes bearable, and they can forget their problems for a little while.

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