Dementia Concerns? Sometimes Mom Seems Just Fine

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Watching your mom become frail with age and early signs of dementia is heartbreaking. It’s easy to assume she is just getting old and not ill. And it’s going to be difficult for mom, as well. She probably knows that something is not right. And she is probably scared. Thus she needs your help more than ever before.

Moving your mom to a memory home care facility is another huge and difficult decision. It can be a difficult decision because sometimes she appears perfectly fine.

Dementia doesn’t just suddenly happen. It can make people behave in many different ways. It can be hard to know if it’s fleeting, just old age or dementia. But the truth is if you suspect there may be a problem, there most likely is a problem.


Dementia Concerns and Symptoms

Alzheimer's behaviors

Signs for dementia can vary, depending on the person and their circumstances. They can be very hard to detect in their early stages. And it can also depend on the type of dementia.

Many typical signs to watch for are:

  • Memory lapses and forgetfulness
  • Personality changes
  • Confusion
  • Loss of concentration
  • Apathy and lack of interest
  • Loss of ability for everyday tasks


Dementia Concerns and Memory 


Memory loss, particularly short-term memory loss is common. People can forget where they put a certain thing, like their keys or their handbag. They may forget what just happened moments ago, yet remember their high school prom very clearly. We all forget things from time to time. But if your mom forgot where she put her keys and you find them in the freezer that is a warning sign. Additionally, if she forgot that she just asked a question 2 minutes before and she keeps asking again you want to pay attention.


Mood and Personality Changes

Personality changes are often due to changing the ability to make decisions. They may do something out of character simply out of frustration or lack of good judgment. Furthermore, this could include dressing inappropriately for the weather.


This can also include mood changes. They may become angry, sad, laugh inappropriately or become withdrawn and depressed.


Confusion Is A Dementia Concern

Dementia and Routines

They may start to become a danger to themselves. Wandering off, getting lost and disoriented. This can start to happen in very familiar places, like home, work, and shopping.

And dementia can affect their language skills, as well. They may have problems finding the right word. Or, they may substitute the right word for something else that is easier. Furthermore, they also may have trouble recognizing words being said to them.

Dementia concerns socialLack of Interest is a Big Dementia Concern 


Your aging parent with dementia may stop participating in a certain activity they used to like.  And they may even withdraw from family gatherings.

When is it Time to Consider Memory Home Care?


One of the biggest dementia concerns is deciding when the time is right to move. The tendency to ‘wait it out’ can be a common response to the early stages of dementia. It’s upsetting for family members to have to make the decision that mom needs help.

But, it is important to keep a close eye on these changes, regardless of how subtle or infrequent. Encouraging mom to get an assessment will help you with your future decisions.

You certainly don’t want to wait too long. People can appear fine one day and completely lost the next. There are several stages of dementia you should be aware of.

People can have early stages of dementia and not know it. Your mother may be into stage three or four before any signs become noticeable. It’s important to have her tested before it gets too far along.

Finding Help and Memory Care Homes


If mom is no longer safe in her own home, you may have brought in a care worker for her. This can help for a while. But it can be impossible to have care around the clock. And it can become quite costly.


If she has begun to wander off and get lost or confused, you may want to consider a memory care home. She can get injured, start a fire or hurt others without constant care.

What is the Best Memory Care Home for Mom?

Dementia Concerns

You need to have your mother’s needs assessed to make the best decision for her care. Does she have Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia? Each type is different. And different types present different challenges. It’s important to know that when looking for a care facility. Are they licensed and prepared for the type of dementia your mom has?


Finding a smaller facility is often the better choice. The rooms and facilities are designed to resemble a home, rather than an institution. Your mom will likely feel more at home and comfortable.


A smaller facility will have more security features, which is very important. It’s much easier to look after 16 people than 65. There is far less chance of them wandering off.


The staff to patient ratio will be far better in a smaller facility. The care they get can mean a great deal in their progress and recovery. Keeping them engaged in activities, involving them in decisions and allowing a normal routine is important.


When it is Time

Dementia Concerns

If you have dementia concerns there is a good chance that your loved one does also. It’s helpful to try and keep mom involved in making decisions, although it can be very difficult. Take her with you when you go to visit the memory care homes.


Ask her questions about how she feels about each place you visit. Also, have a list of questions you want to ask them. Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions. This is your mother. She’s worthy.


It is never an easy decision to move mom out of her home. You will know when the time is right and believe it is for her own good. Do your homework, find the best place and rest assured that she is in the best care for her needs.

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