Dementia-Friendly Gift Ideas For Christmas

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia

Finding a dementia-friendly gift for someone you love this Christmas is not that hard. We have some great ideas.

When you are thinking about gifts for a loved one living with dementia, it may be a bit more difficult. Many traditional items they may have enjoyed in the past may be inappropriate now. But there are a lot of dementia-friendly gift ideas in this article.


Consider their situation, their reasoning skills, and cater to their comforts. There can be great satisfaction found in items that will help them be comfortable and safe.


Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones With Dementia


Consider their abilities and cognitive skills when thinking about the best gift for your loved ones. Some ideas may be great in the early stages while other gift ideas may be more appropriate for someone in the moderate to late stages of dementia.


1.Photo Albums

Photo Albums  Make dementia-Friendly Gift

Fill an album full of wonderful photos that they can see. Pictures of the old family home, the kids and grandkids, the pets, and the old neighborhood. They may be able to recall the old home and what the kids looked like when they were younger, even if they don’t recognize them today.


2. Warm Clothing


There is always something very comforting about being wrapped up in your favorite sweater or comforter. Warm socks and slippers are always welcome, especially for people how may not get around much, those with circulation problems, and some who may suffer from arthritis or joint pain.


3. Laptop or Tablet Can Be a Dementia- Friendly Gift

GrandPad Dementia-Friendly Gift

Getting your loved one a tablet or laptop will allow them to keep in touch with you much better. Emails, texts, and video calls will let them see you more often. They can see your social media pages and enjoy seeing all your family and vacation pictures. A safe alternative to a traditional laptop is one that is designed for seniors specifically. Take a look at  GrandPad.   GrandPad is a closed system. This makes it easy for seniors to enjoy friends and family without worry about getting hacked. And this makes an excellent choice for someone with dementia!


4. Puzzles


Depending on their condition, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, circle words, and other types of puzzles can be a real treat. It helps them focus on a task and keeps their minds and motor skills sharpened.


This can include coloring books, as well. It doesn’t have to be adult coloring books, it can be any kind that lets them engage in an activity and keeps them motivated and interested.


5. Bath Products

Aromatherapy and Dementia

Who doesn’t love a lovely bubble bath? Bath salts,  soaps, bubble baths, washcloths, big fluffy towels, bathrobe, and anything else that fits into that category. It might make bath time that much more enjoyable and help them to relax and sleep better. Make sure Mom is assisted at all times when bathing.

Be aware that certain scents can be triggers for good and bad memories and some products can have dyes and chemicals in them, so make sure you find something mild and of good quality.


6. Music


Music has an amazing ability to calm and soothe us. A small radio, MP3 player, CD player, or on a tablet. Set up a music playlist on a tablet. Or you could also buy a Google Nest or Alexa Device. This would allow the user to ask for certain songs to be played. The devices are voice-activated and can even be used to call a family member or friend. What a great gift idea for someone with dementia.


7. Bedding


Nice sheets go a long way to easing us off to sleep. Soft flannel sheets are very warm and comforting. Big fluffy pillows and comforters make bedtime more enjoyable. Bedding is something everyone can enjoy. A cozy throw to snuggle up in while watching TV or listening to music is a dementia-friendly gift.


8. Large Clock


A dementia-friendly clock that displays the time and the date can come in handy and makes an excellent gift. Find one here. If they get confused as to the day, they can see the clock that tells them, April 19, Sunday. Many people rely on routines, so it can help them remember things that occur on certain days.


9. Nightlights


Small nightlights that simply plug into the sockets with a sensor that automatically turns them on as soon as it gets dark. Get several of them for their room to help them navigate easier, help with sundowning, and even help prevent falls or bumping into things.


Nightlights are very comforting. They soften the edges of the room and let us see what is there, not what isn’t.  Furthermore, they can give off a lot of light but not enough to keep the person awake.


10. Stuffed Toys


A soft plush toy to hold or sleep with can also be very comforting to someone with dementia. They are soft and cuddly, which makes a great companion.


11. Books


Books that have oversized letters and pictures will keep someone interested and engaged.  Additionally, books with pictures of their favorite things can be very comforting. Places, trees, dogs, gardening, food, all with clear pictures and lots of colors are make a great gift.


12. Crafts Can Be A Dementia-Friendly Gift


If your loved one can still do their favorite craft or able to learn a new one, there are many things you can get them. Crocheting, knitting, drawing, macrame, water paints, a writing pad, or anything else they used to enjoy. Busy hands engage the mind and can be very comforting. Take a look at Pinterest and you will find lots of ideas.


Keep it Appropriate

You know the person best, so you should be able to find something that will make them happy. If not, ask their caregivers about what they think would be an appropriate gift.

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