Dementia Signs-When Should I Be Worried Mom Cannot Live Alone

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Dementia can take years to show itself for what it is. There are a lot of dementia signs. But they may not always be recognized. If you see someone every day, or regularly, it can be very hard to spot. Even after an official diagnosis, the person may still function with very few problems.


It’s never an easy decision, to move someone to a memory care home. It isn’t easy for anyone in the family. However, there will come a time when you don’t have a choice. It’s their health and safety that will matter most.


Dementia Signs Your Loved One Can No Longer Cope on Their Own


As we age, it is normal for us to forget small things. You need to watch their frequency and if they are often repeated.


Personal Hygiene- A Sign That Dementia May Be Playing a Role

Dementia Signs- Personal Hygiene

Early dementia signs that someone isn’t functioning as they should is their hygiene. Body odor, dirty or unkempt hair, bad breath or even forgetting their teeth. They may forget to bathe or even forget why they should.


Personal Space


Perhaps they are no longer cleaning the house. You may find excessive garbage piling up. Dirty dishes may be stacking up, more clutter than usual, or dust or grime on everything.


You may notice piles of unopened mail, strange objects that they don’t own, or missing items. Repairs may be being ignored and there can be signs of damage from fire or water.


Unpaid Bills Can Be a Sign of Dementia


They may be confused about why the lights are not working, the television isn’t coming on, or the phone doesn’t work. They may have forgotten to pay the bill or why they need to.


There could be bills piling up, or if they get them online, they may be unopened. A loss of time is common. They may think they just paid the bill, when it was, in fact, three months gone.


Change in Their Weight

Dementia Signs- Weight Loss

If they are not feeding themselves properly they may be losing weight. They may forget to eat, forget to buy groceries, or forget why they need to. In some cases, they may gain weight.


His could be due to inactivity, eating the wrong foods, like cake or potato chips. It could also be due to eating repeatedly because they forgot they already ate.


Dementia Signs-Dressing Inappropriately


Watch that they are not wearing dirty clothes or torn or damaged clothing. If they go to the store in nightwear, slippers, or dressing gowns. Also, if they are not clear what to wear that is suitable for the weather.


Getting Lost


If someone gets lost, either in the car, on foot, or taking transit. This is concerning when it is a route they take all the time. Even a quick trip to the corner store can be a chore.


This should be noted even if it only happens once. Our minds may wander and we miss our bus stop but not remembering how to get back home is a worry. Most of us can do regular trips blindfolded.


Wandering Off


Maybe mom has started just wandering off and then causing panic among the family. It’s worse if they don’t know where they are going. They can be lost even a block away.


They can end up getting hurt or taken advantage of. Waking out into a busy street, getting their purse or money stolen, or just getting lost and upset. Some people may just wander off while shopping for groceries, visiting friends, or at social functions.


Unable to Use Technology

Dementia Signs


People may have trouble remembering how to use their cellphone or computer. This can cut off their communication and access to help. They may find even trying to use the phone too confusing.


Dementia Signs- Mom Is Not Socializing


If mom isn’t attending her regular social engagements, it could be a sign. She may find them too noisy, she may not be able to remember who people are, or where they are. If she finds conversations too difficult to follow, she may just not bother going.


Safety First


The main focus is safety. A few small incidents in the home can lead to much bigger ones. It’s never an easy decision, but you need to keep them healthy and safe. Memory care homes are equipped to help mom.

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