First Signs of Dementia- What You Should Look For

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Dementia

As you may already know, that dementia itself is not a disease. It is merely a symptom of different illnesses, most commonly Alzheimer’s. Dementia doesn’t just affect the memory of an individual but several basic cognitive functions like communication, thinking ability, and processing of information.

While the first signs of dementia can be difficult to spot since they are so mild and vague and differ greatly among individuals, there are a few symptoms to be wary of.

First Signs of Dementia

Since everyone may have a different cause of dementia, their symptoms may also vary significantly. Typically, more than 2 of these symptoms must be present for a proper diagnosis and must be sufficient to disrupt everyday life.

Following are some common early signs of dementia:

Memory Loss Is One of The First Signs of Dementia

This is the most common sign of dementia; however, memory loss also occurs as a person ages. But when age is the factor for memory loss, they may only forget things very naturally, like missed appointments and billing dates. They may even recall it themselves later on and won’t need much help in keeping track of things.

In memory loss caused by dementia, individuals may increasingly rely on family and friends to help keep them organized and remind them of certain things. They may end up forgetting things they have just been told.

Difficulty Performing Routine Chores

A person suffering from dementia could struggle to finish chores they usually do. For instance, individuals might struggle to use a computer, make a cup of tea, adjust the tv’s settings, or find a place they are familiar with

This challenge with routine duties could occur at home or in the office.

Planning or Problem-Solving Difficulties

A person suffering from dementia could have trouble sticking to a plan. For instance, people can find it challenging to follow a recipe when cooking or follow a map while driving.

Additionally, solving problems may become more difficult, like when calculating the total amount to make payments.

Difficulties Interpreting Visual Data Is One Of The First Signs of Dementia

Reading, judging distances, and figuring out the variations between colors can be challenging for dementia patients. And those who typically drive or ride bicycles could start finding these tasks difficult. Visiting familiar places could result in them getting lost.

Confusion Regarding Date and Place

Time might be difficult to judge when someone has dementia. There is also the possibility of forgetting one’s location, route, and purpose. Additionally, they could struggle with timelines and have difficulty comprehending past or future happenings. This can be one of the first signs of dementia.

Writing and Speaking Problems

A person suffering from dementia could have trouble conversing. It could be difficult to start a discussion with them because they may not remember what they’re saying or what another person has said.

Additionally, individuals could observe a decline in their vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling. An individual’s handwriting might occasionally get more challenging to read.

Losing Personal Belongings Can Be One of The First Signs of Dementia

Dementia patients sometimes have problems recalling where they put everyday items like their keys, wallet, phone, or TV remote control. Having trouble finding things can make someone accuse other people of stealing. You may even find items in strange places, for example, car keys inside a freezer.

Skipping Socializing

Dementia patients sometimes lose interest in interacting socially, both at work and at home. They could become reclusive, avoid social interaction, and fail to listen while others are talking to them. Additionally, they can quit engaging in pastimes, sports, or socializing.

Personality and Mood Changes

Dementia patients may go through changes in personality or mood swings. For instance, they might start acting cranky, sad, frightened, or apprehensive. Additionally, they might behave inappropriately or grow more reckless.

In Conclusion

Dementia impairs the cognitive functions of individuals, and when you find your loved one slowly losing their ability to complete regular tasks and forget routine things, it is time to visit the doctor for a complete diagnosis.

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