Hurricanes and Dementia – Why a Memory Care Home May be the Best Place

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Hurricanes are scary enough on their own.  And if you need to take care of someone with dementia during a severe storm, it can be overwhelming. Often, the best place for them is in a memory care home.


You may think that you are the best person to take care of your parent or family member. But hurricanes can be devastating.  Furthermore, if you are caring for someone who doesn’t understand what is happening, it can be fatal.


Hurricanes and Dementia

Confused Senior

Even people with mild cases of dementia can have trouble understanding and reasoning.  And during a massive storm, they can get scared and confused. Likewise, this can cause them to run outside or hide away somewhere where you can’t find them.


Additionally, they may run off to someplace that isn’t safe. Hiding in places that are prone to flooding or damage can be very dangerous. If you need to evacuate quickly, this can alarm them.


Even taking precautions before the storm can add a lot of agitation and alarm. Also, people living with dementia don’t often react well to changes in their routines. Moving them can be very difficult for you and for them.

Memory Care Homes with Hurricanes and Dementia


If you are already struggling to care for a loved one with dementia, why risk coping during a natural disaster? A memory care home is the best choice for your loved one and you.


Care homes of all kinds are far better prepared for the fallout of hurricanes and other storms. They are not going to take any chances of people getting hurt. Memory care homes are far better prepared than most.


Plan of Action

Hurricanes and Dementia

The care and safety for everyone in the memory care home is always a top priority. When caring for the elderly and people with dementia, extra care, and caution need to be engaged.


A care facility doesn’t prepare for ‘if’ a storm hits. They prepare for ‘when’ it hits. They will have all kinds of safety guidelines in place. The staff will know these to heart.


Plans for safety, evacuation, and recovery will be known by everyone. If there comes a time when this plan of action is needed, everyone will be ready and prepared.


Safe Buildings


Buildings used for care homes of any kind need to meet strict codes. That is to make sure no corners are cut when being constructed. Windows, roof, doors, and all common areas will be safe.


These are built outside of flooding zones, when possible. They will be made of solid construction that will not falter during a storm. This is vital for survival when you need to keep people safe who may be very confused.


These types of buildings have emergency systems throughout. Buzzers or intercoms in every room mean there is never a lack of communication or confusion.

Trained Staff

Dementia Concerns

Staff is trained and drilled regularly to cope with natural disasters. They know exactly where they need to be and they have a communication system in place. This keeps everyone calm and collected.


They know where to move people in their care if needed. There is also a  plan in place to contact immediate family and let them know exactly what is happening.

Generators and Hurricanes Go Hand In Hand


Power outages are not a challenge for memory care homes. They have full house generators that can run the lights, allow cooking, run the heating, and even elevators.


Your home may have a generator but not enough to keep a full building running for a few days. These types of precautions are standard for care homes. They don’t take risks.


Supplies to Deal With Hurricanes and Dementia

Occupational therapy benefits everyone

Another way care homes are the best choice is they have weeks’ worth of supplies on hand. That means food, medication, water, and everything else needed to maintain a routine.


There will often be enough food and other supplies to wait out the storm.  But most people don’t make plans for disaster.  And that can mean long lines for gas or food, and massive disappointment, as well. Hurricanes and dementia require having the right supplies in place.


If they happen to run out, care homes will get priority for supplies to be delivered or picked up. Many places will send a delivery the same day you order it.


Less Stress For Everyone


You will have enough to cope with if you experience damages, flooding, or power outages.  And you don’t need to be worrying about your loved one, as well.

They will also be able to cope better.  And they will already be home and comfortable. But if they need to take shelter in their rooms or a particular room for safety, they will already be familiar with it.


Safety First

Give yourself the peace of mind that your loved one is better off in a care home. Dementia patients have enough to stress about, why add more?

We Are Here To Help

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