Innovative Resources

Adaptive and assistive technology can never take the place of resident centered care, and that is why we are dedicated to maintaining one of the highest staff to resident care ratios in the industry. However, it does allow our caregivers to provide a person-centered experience that reinforces the self and social narratives important for all. Our community is equipped with adaptive technology which allows us to track our resident’s movements and activity within their studio, thus reducing the risk of falls. We utilize the therapeutic benefits of a multi- sensorial environment that helps change brain arousal which decreases stress, anxiety, and agitation.

Aromatherapy, adaptive and fiber optic lighting, textures, and other brain teasers are used as a first response to behavioral challenges, rather than the typical medicinal approach used in most facilities.

Computer technology is used for out of town family members to video chat with their loved one, as well as for family members to share photos and pre-record messages of encouragement.

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