5 Red Flags That Tell You It’s Time For A Move to Memory Care

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Memory Care

It is never easy to watch our parents become older. Growing up we idolize them, only to find out they are human and fallible.  And if they start to fade or become too feeble to be on their own, what do we do?


This is not an easy decision. Deciding to move our loved ones into care is difficult. But, if they are in danger or simply can not function, it is a decision we have to make. Furthermore, if they are suffering from memory loss, they are at a higher risk of injury and other dangers.


If you are close to someone it can be difficult to spot the signs that they are suffering from memory loss. There are a few signs to be aware of.


5 Red Flags for Memory Loss

Red Flags Time for Memory Care

If you are around someone every day, it might be a while before you spot the signs.


1. Safety Concerns Could Mean It’s Time for Memory Care


This can show itself in little ways, or bigger ways. Does Mom forget to shut off the stove or oven? Or perhaps Dad is not locking the doors. Maybe they are even getting lost or wandering off. These are all safety concerns.


A dementia patient may not dress appropriately.  And often a dementia patient will not wear a coat or proper shoes when it is cold outside.  Furthermore, they may wear a bathing suit to go to the store or a heavy winter coat in the middle of summer. There are all red flags you need to notice.


Additionally, notice unexplained bruises, cuts, or broken bones on your loved one. They may be falling more or bumping into things.  And navigating stairs may have become a challenge. They may have cuts or burns from cooking.


If these things happen more than once, you should consider them unable to live on their own, or without constant care.


2. Declining Health

Dementia Signs 

They may not be taking their medication, or not taking the right ones. Perhaps they are losing weight, due to not eating properly. They may have no food in the house.


Personal hygiene may be an issue lately if they are wearing the same soiled clothing or not showering. They also may not be paying the bills, taking out the garbage, or cleaning the house.


No Social Life


Notice if they are no longer attending social functions they used to love. And if they no longer enjoy a family gathering or choose to avoid social settings. They may no longer recognize people there, find it noisy or irritating, or just difficult to navigate.


They may have lost several of their friends, as well. This may lead them to be more isolated and scared. A memory care facility would help them engage with people and activities suitable for them.


Caregiver Fatigue Is Also a Sign It May Be Time For Memory Care

Caregiver Exhaustion

If you are their caregiver, or it is someone else if you have reached the limit. When your loved one is in demand all the time, just to keep them safe, it is time.  Additionally, it’s time If they are simply too much to cope with.


Perhaps they wander around at night, get into things, try getting out of the house, or make a mess. Furthermore, it can be too much work to keep tabs on them twenty-four hours a day.


A memory care facility will be able to provide them with the full-time care they may require. It’s not fair for family members or professional caregivers to be taxed to exhaustion.


5. You are Constantly Worried

Is it time for memory care

If you are always worried about them, then you need to take action. You are not doing anyone any favors by prolonging their move. You need to consider your needs as well as theirs.


If you are worried they are going to get injured, hurt, or taken advantage of them why wait? No one will thank you for running yourself down. You certainly can’t expect it from an outside caregiver, either.


You have your own life, health, and family to consider. Trust the professionals at a memory care home to have the best methods of coping with your loved one.


Memory Care

Everyone will be better off once your loved one is in the care they richly need. They have professionals who understand how to cope and help people with memory loss.


You can find peace of mind knowing they are going to be cared for and safe. Why take on the whole world of problems when you don’t need to?

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