We focus on living life to the fullest every day, regardless of the care needs of your loved one. We understand there are going to be good days, and there are going to be days filled with challenges when caring for those coping with Alzheimer’s, and other age related dementias. Through love and compassion, we are committed to caring for individuals and families coping with Alzheimer’s, by affirming purpose, providing engaging care through innovative resources, and creating meaningful moments. In fact, we empower our care team to find ways to create small impromptu moments that bring joy to the hearts of our residents. We believe these meaningful moments are just as powerful as planned activities.


Our proactive caring staff receives 5 times more training than the state requires annually. Through this extensive training, and our care team’s intimate knowledge of each resident, we can anticipate triggers, redirect and soothe our residents on the more challenging days of Alzheimer’s, and age related dementias. Each care team member completes the essensiALZ® certification program, recognizing advance dementia care practices, through the Alzheimer’s Association. In addition to the professional training, our care team completes ongoing classroom, on-line, and mentorship programs through Sycamore Creek Ranch’s training development center.


We hire only the top caring professionals, and maintain one of the highest staff-to-resident ratios in the industry. Each care team member is trained as a “universal worker,” and is responsible for every need of our residents throughout the day. We work from the core value of “W.I.T.” -whatever it takes, and are focused not just meeting the needs of our residents, but also, in providing family support. Individual person-centered care is at the heart of all we do. Combine that with low staff turnover, and you can expect consistent expert care from familiar faces. Every day!