Time For Memory Care- 7 Clues To Help You Decide

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As we age, we all tend to have those moments where we can’t remember things. Where we put our keys or handbag, or someone’s name. But when should we be concerned?


It can be difficult to tell when we see someone every day. Their decline in memory won’t happen overnight. But if your loved one is showing signs of struggle, it’s important to keep track.

7 Signs Someone Needs Memory Care


It can be very difficult to know when it’s time to move them out of your home or theirs. The decline may be so gradual, you don’t really notice it for a long time.

1. When They Can’t Care for Themselves- This is a Red Flag Telling You It Is Time For Memory Care

time for memory care

They may be wearing clothing that is inappropriate. They may have started a small fire in the kitchen. Perhaps they keep wandering off or getting lost. Perhaps they keep mislaying items. They are not able to clean the house.


Perhaps bills are not being paid. They are no healthy foods in the home. If they are unable to function day to day, it is time to have a difficult conversation. With assisted living, they don’t have to worry, and neither do you.


2. Family or Caregiver is Overwhelmed



If you or their caregiver are feeling like they can’t keep up. Many people with dementia can be a handful. It s even more difficult when there are several family members in need of care.


There is no point in stressing yourself to the breaking point. Allow the professionals to care for them, as that is what they are trained to do. They are more than one person trying to cope.



4. Dementia Diagnosis May Mean It Is Time For Memory Care


If the person has had an official diagnosis for dementia, they will not improve. They may have some lucid days, but they will never be what they were. It can be a difficult decision, but why not get them the help they need right away.


A memory care home is equipped to take care of them and know what to expect. It is what they do best. You can’t let your guilt or fear stand in the way.


4. No Social Life

time for memory care


This can be even more isolating than the disease. Once they stop social interaction, it can often propel them even further into the disease. Living in a memory care facility will allow them social interactions.


They will interact with other people who live there, as well as caregivers. Constant care, interaction, and activities will greatly improve their lives. They will be with others with the same disease, which can make it so much easier.


5. They Pose a Danger


Once they are at risk of falling, getting lost, causing damage, or injuring themselves or others. Even if they are not living on their own, this can be a big concern.


If they try to make a meal in the kitchen, get too close to the stairs, or cause damage to the home. Often, people get scared and lash out. They may break objects around them, causing injury to themselves or others.


Let them live a happy, safe life with constant care and supervision. They are best suited to make sure your loved one is out of danger.


6. Decline in Health Could Be A Sign It Is Time For Memory Care


People can forget to bathe, eat, drink, or even put clothes on. Changes in weight, the appearance of bruises or broken bones, or not taking their medications. People simply become incapable of functioning properly.


In a memory care home, they will have the security of supervision for these matters. They will get proper nutrition, get their medication, and be protected against injuring themselves.


7- It May Be Time For Memory Care if You Are Always Worried.

Is it time for memory care

Being in constant worry for the person is no way to live. Whether they are your parent or your partner, the time comes to pass the reins of care over. Your worry and fear will be passed on to them, making their situation even worse.


Memory Care

It is a decision we all never hope to make. But if you do, know that a memory care home will provide the best care. They are a smaller facility and will make sure your loved one receives the best care possible.

At Sycamore Creek Ranch Memory Care we are here to help. We want families to make the best decision for their situation.

Furthermore, the staff at Sycamore Creek Ranch is proactive. That means we are not waiting for a problem to arise. Instead, we are actively engaged with each and every resident. And with only 16 residents we can do that!  Come for a tour at Sycamore Creek Ranch! See how we can help!





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