Unforgettable Dementia Gifts for Dads With Mid-to-Late Stage Dementia

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With Father’s Day right around the corner, you must be looking for some thoughtful gifts for your dad. But has his dementia made you rethink all the gift ideas, causing you to go back to square one? No worries, we’ve got you!

In these specially curated gifts for dads with dementia guides, we’re sharing six different gift ideas perfect for dads with severe or mild dementia. You’re sure to find a present thoughtful idea or two this Father’s Day to make the day extra special and memorable for your hero. Keep reading to find ideas on gifts for dads with dementia.

Unforgettable Dementia Gifts for Dads With Mid-to-Late Stage Dementia

If your dad has severe dementia, he’s likely to face trouble participating in routine activities. Look for one of these items on this list below to help your dad with some mundane tasks.

Sun Lamp

Although care homes always encourage seniors to spend time outside, nobody can fight the seasons where the sun is hardly peeking through. Such seasons can be extremely tough for people prone to seasonal depression. If your father is also affected by the season’s changes, a sun lamp would be the perfect gift for him.

A sun lamp is a light therapy recommended for patients with dementia to treat sleep disturbance. The sun lamp mimics the natural light and regulates the sleep cycle to lessen the agitation that leads to depression. However, it’s recommended to concern your father’s doctor before giving this item as a present to avoid triggering any other psychological issues he might have.

Wallet and Key Finder

Have you ever witnessed your dad struggling to locate his keys only to find them in his pockets later? That’s a common problem for many dementia patients, but now there’s a way to reduce the likelihood of such events occurring. Buy your dad a Bluetooth-operated wallet and key finder.

The gadget comes with a tab to attach to keys or wallet and a controller designed to find where the attached tab is by just pressing a button. The revolutionary technology is compatible with different operating systems to serve people regardless of their devices’ brands.

Eatwell Special Utensils Set

If your dad has Alzheimer’s, he must gradually be losing his motor abilities, also affecting the way he eats. Such a scenario can be painful to watch, but you can help him by gifting him a set of special utensils from Eatwell.

These utensils are designed with precise measurements of angles and depth while being color-coordinated for different meals to aid patients in independently having their meals. Using Eatwell tableware will give them a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence along the way.

Unforgettable Dementia Gifts for Dads With Early Stage Dementia

For dads with mild dementia, gifts focused on their hobbies or motor abilities would greatly reduce the chances of their dementia elevating. These gift ideas listed below will also help them navigate through dementia with a sense of confidence.

Relish Aquapaint Water Painting Pack

If your dad is an artistic genius or even a hobbyist, he will love this present. Buy him a Relish Aquapaint Water Painting Pack this Father’s Day to give him a chance to paint his heart out. The fun part is that the paintings don’t require paints: you only need a brush and some water to make the invisible paint come to life.

This colorful activity will bring back confidence in his abilities and let him have a good time. The best part is that the paintings are reusable: once the water dries completely, the paint becomes invisible again. Magic!

Dad’s Bucket List Activity Cards

This Father’s Day, spend fun and quality time with your father by bringing him a set of Dad’s Bucket List cards. With simple everyday activities and prompts, your dad can practice his routine while you can participate with him. The cards provide a great way to bond over-simplistic yet fun tasks such as learning an easy dance and grooving with some of your own dance moves.

The Traditional African Thumb Piano

Does your dad enjoy playing instruments? Dementia can affect his motor abilities making the instruments tough for him to play. Bring him this traditional African thumb piano (also known as kalimba) with a diatonic scale on a cedar wood plank to get his groove back. Music therapy is highly recommended for patients with dementia to fight the disease from elevating.

To Wrap It Up!

There you go! Six incredible and unforgettable dementia gifts for your dad this Father’s Day. We hope buying a memorable present for your dad if he has dementia isn’t challenging for you anymore. Each gift on this list serves a purpose in the lives of dementia patients, so choose as many as you like for your father and make this Father’s Day memorable for him.

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